Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hot dogs and Hamburgers

Last night I went to a dinner at Emily and Jeff's house. (My boyfriend's Mom and Stepdad) I always love going to dinner at their house. There is always good conversation, lots of laughing, and great food! The great food would usually consist of a pasta dish, but last night Jeff's son and girlfriend were in town so they decided to prepare hot dogs and hamburgers.

Emily is so sweet that she actually went to the co-op and bought Ener G tapioca dinner rolls for me to use as a hamburger bun!

Now I will admit that this particular brand of food usually turned me off. The packaging seemed a little out of the 70's era. The product looked okay...but I am a package queen. I love pretty, shiny packaging.

But since they were bought for me, I gave them a try. They smell a bit different than typical buns, but that's normal. Thankfully, I read the directions and Ener G suggests that you either toast or microwave them for 20-30 seconds. So Jeff zapped it for me for 20.

They were great! Totally soft. Good taste. Delish! No real discernable difference for me. Towards the last two bites of my burger however, the bun did get cold and they were a little more tough.
SO heat'em and eat'em Quick!