Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fondue Fondue!

My mom and sister are officially here! Last night after seafood we were all so stuffed from crab legs that we just went home and went to sleep. Friday during the day we went to lunch at Flaming Amys Burrito Barn . They are totally awesome, totally local, and their tortilla chips are 100% corn. We ate lunch super early because we were having a very special dinner and we wanted to be sure we were super hungry.

For dinner we went to my most favorite restaurant in Wilmington. If you ever visit this area, you have to go to.... The Little Dipper Fondue Restaurant . It is where we go for every birthday, holiday....and Friday night!

I hadn't been there since starting my gluten free diet, but I was in for a pleasant surprise. They have a GLUTEN FREE MENU!!! I was so happy! And not really surprised. One of the fabulous owners told me that they have a separate menu for every type of allergy. How awesome is that?

My cheese was the Swiss with fresh fruit. Then I enjoyed a Caesar salad with fresh homemade dressing, and my entree was filet mignon and sashimi tuna! With homemade dipping sauces to boot! Then we finished it off our full tummies with Dark Chocolate and fresh strawberries and pineapple!

Also it should be said that the decor at the Little Dipper is to die for, the service is phenomenal, and the food is delish! All of the tables and chairs are handmade! They take Ambiance to the next level, without being pretentious! Totally casual or a dressy night on the town, whichever you decide to make it! Visit the website for more details and pics, but I had to post a few of my favorite!

The Little Dipper - Fondue on Front

The main dining room

The Garden Room - Each table seats 8 (Where we sat)

Live Jellyfish between the lobby and the bar